Fishery Reports, 10/04/11

Issued by Jim Boyd on behalf of the following fisheries on Monday, 11April 2011

The following reports are for the week ending Sunday, 10 April, 2011.

BUTTERSTONE (Dunkeld). Congratulations to Ernie Baglow on busting his personal best and earning bragging rights on catching his 15lb 6oz brown trout. He has been fishing for 52 years and never caught a brown trout over 10lbs before and for this momentous feat he earns himself a free days fishing at the loch. Norrie McGilvray also has a cracking brown trout at 13lb 10oz and was smiling on the bus all the way home with his trout taking up an extra seat! He too has earned himself a free days fishing. There will be a club competition on the 27th of April comprising teams of 6 men or ladies of course and if you are interested please give George Donaldson a call on 07834521787.

2. FRANDY (Gleneagles) Derek Pozzi & Luke Curtis from Glenrothes kept 12 fish weighing 34lb 8oz, Edward McKillop & Son (Glasgow) 7 for 1lbs, Eddie Collins (Cowie) 6 for 20lbs 8oz, John Wilson (Dunfermline) 5 for 14lbs Tom Clode (Dollar) 4 for 10lbs 4oz and Ronnie Stewart (Alva) 5 for 15lbs,. Alex Galloway from Tillicoultry kept 3 fish weighing 9lb 4oz, Wilson Orr (Tullibody) 3 for 9lbs, Archie Millar (Perth) 2 for 8lbs, Mark Fairley (Perth) 2 for 5lbs 8oz, Drew McIntyre & Graham Murray (Alloa) 6 for 18lbs and Robert Wilson (Rosyth) kept 5 fish weighing 14lb and released 6. Andrew McFarlane from Alloa took 2 for 8lbs, Robert Pedan (Kelty) 2 for 6lbs 6oz, Brian Young (Menstrie) 2 for 7lbs 8oz, Stu Henry (Dunfermline) 5 for 13lbs 8oz and Martin Craig (Sauchie) kept 6 fish weighing 15lb 12oz. Duncan McCallum from Renton managed 4 fish weighing 10lb 8oz, Frank Ramage (Dumbarton) 4 for 13lbs and the Mochrum A/C kept 32 fish weighing 86lb.

All areas of the fishery are presently fishing well and the top taking fly patterns include the Yellow Dancer, Nomad, Ace of Spades, Cormorant & Various Buzzers.

3. FORBES OF KINGENNIE (Broughty Ferry) The fishing last week at Kingennie has been just like the weather – superb!! All of the ponds have settled and have good visibility. The best angler bar none over the past week or so has been osprey with a fish every “cast” and has been seen to take two or three fish a day with spectacular aerial displays and diving.

The pond that has fished best has been the Burnside with anglers having big numbers of fish even on a four hour ticket.

The Boathouse Pool has fished well with the bulk of the fish between 5lb and 10lb and most anglers have had bag limits with lures taking nearly all of the fish, intermediate lines have worked best teamed with a lure and a small attractor on the dropper. The Burnside Pool has kept the anglers busy with fish on the top looking for dries one minute and then only taking lures the next. Flies that have worked well in have been the Daddy, Sedge and various Muddlers but when they have been after lures it is still the Sparkly Damsel or the Salmon Pink Hottie that have worked best. The Bankside has fished well with anglers having great success with all manner of flies and patterns that have done best are various Buzzers, Diawl Bach, the Rob Roy, Green Pea or the Herr Fly.

The Woodside Pool has fished very well with nearly all anglers leaving with bag limits and the methods of catching have varied from day to day but the most consistent method has been float fished worm. Also doing well has been Powerbait of all kinds

4. MARKLE (East Lothian) It was a great week for pretty hefty specimens with John Thomson from East Linton taking the heaviest rainbow at 13lbs on a Hopper and John McKay from Edinburgh used a McKay Bunny Leech to bag a brilliant brown that tipped the scales at 12lbs. Also doing well was Bruce Hunter from Edinburgh with a brae weighing 17lbs 8oz – best 9lbs on a Buzzer, Jock Dyat, Loanhead, had one at 12lbs on a PTN, Brad Muir, Tranent, one at 8lbs on a Blob and Gay Ramsay, Haddington, one at 12lbs on a dry Bibio. The 1314 FFC from Bannockburn had a splendid day taking 42 fish for 192lbs – best 11lbs and George McGhee from Edinburgh took a brace weighing 20lbs – best 12lbs on a Black Buzzer.

5. ORCHILL LOCH (Braco) With the warmer weather at the end of the week there has been a lot of fly life on the water and the fish have been rising all over. Small Buzzers have been doing well as well as the usual Fritz patterns and the Damsel Nymph fished on a floating line. A lot of fish are being caught near the edge and in the shaded areas when the sun is bright.

Hamish Carmichael from Alloa had 4 fish for 8lbs on a Yellow Dancer, Brian Logan, Alloa, 3 for 6lbs 8oz on a Black Fritz, Jim Prentice, Tullibody, 5 for 10lbs on a Montana and Peter Paterson, Menstrie, 3 for 6lbs on a Crafty Cat. William Alexander from Menstrie took 3 for 6lbs 12oz, William Smith, Menstrie, 3 for 6lbs 4oz on a Black & Green Fritz, Andy Templeman, Blair Athol 4 for 8lbs 4oz on a Pinky and Tony Wensley, Blair Athol, 4 for 8lbs 8oz on a Pinky. Paul Shepherd from Bedfordshire had 7 fish for 13lbs 8oz on Bloodworm patterns.

6. ORCHIL LOCH COARSE PONDS (Braco) The warm weather on Sunday was great for the 31 man sweep on the Snake Lake that resulted in 769lbs of fish being weighed in – a great average of 25lbs per angler. The winner today was Booby Marshall +from Magiscroft with 72lbs 7oz of mainly carp taken on maggots and pellets from peg 32. Brian Docherty Jnr from Magiscroft was second with 63lbs 12oz, and Neil Chapman from Orchill Central was third placed with 61lbs 5oz. There have been a lot of good catches last week-end during the lovely weather with Allan Colon had taking 76lbs on peg 45 on the Snake and Jim Duncan managed 47lbs.

7. SWANSWATER (Stirling) This week at Swanswater the major factor in the success of the fishing was the wind and the bright sunny days towards the end of the week. Most fish were caught in the main area between the big tree and the island, also from the dam up the channel. Fish have been sitting around 2 to 4 feet deep with various wets, including Black Pennell and Kate McLaren, and the occasional dry catching. All the usual lures, including Yellow Dancer and Hot Head Damsel have been doing well although they are required to be fished with a faster retrieve as the water temperature has now risen.

The Mill and Meadow Ponds have both fished well on the windy days with once again those on catch and release having excellent sport. Browns continue to be more elusive, but are now beginning to show more and starting to feature in more bags.

Alan Hunter, Alva, 9 for 23lb 4oz including 2 Blues, in 2 visits, Paul Brown, Alva, 8 for 21lb including 4lb 8oz Rainbow and a Brown, in 2 visits, Frank Barr, Falkirk, 5 for 16lb including 5lb 12oz Rainbow and 2 Blues, Stephen Murphy, Kennoway, 5 for 15lb 4oz including 2 Blues biggest 5lb and Chris Rankin, Falkirk, 2 for 9lb 12oz including 7lb 7oz Rainbow and a Blue. Will Gregory, Cambusbarron, 2 for 7lb 8oz including a 5lb Rainbow, Derik King, Boness, 5 for 14lb 8oz including 5lb Rainbow

Chris McLachlan, Plean, 5 for 14lb including a Blue and a Brown, Peter Bryce, Alloa, 5 for 13lb 12oz including a Blue and George Kochanek, Tullibody, 5 for 13lb 8oz. John Gilchrist, Stirling, 4 for 12lb including 3lb 8oz Brown, Paul Christie, Alloa, 4 for 11lb 12oz,Lee Green, Glasgow, 4 for 11lb including 5lb 8oz Rainbow and a Brown and Robert White, Grangemouth, 4 for 10lb 12oz including 2 Blues. Gary Stewart, Glasgow, 3 for 12lb 2oz including 7lb 6oz Rainbow and a Blue, Peter Johnston, Glasgow, 3 for 11lb including 6lb 8oz Gold and a Blue, Rab Cummins and son Kyle, Falkirk, 3 for 9lb 8oz including 5lb Blue and Ronnie Codona, Glasgow, 3 for 9lb including a Blue. Chris Rankin, Falkirk, 2 for 9lb 12oz including 7lb 7oz Rainbow and a Blue and Will Gregory, Cambusbarron, 2 for 7lb 8oz including 5lb Rainbow.


9. HOLL (Glenrothes) Frank Richardson had an outing with his 3 boats returning with 15 fish for 43lbs 7oz, Mr. Duncan from Kinross had 3 for 7lbs, Mr. Brown, Glenrothes, 44 for 9lbs 12oz, Mr. Moffat, Newburgh, 4 for 8lbs 10oz and Mr. Moss, Glenrothes, 4 for 8lbs 8oz. Mr. Thomson from Edinburgh took 4 for 17lbs, the Last Cast C caught 40 fish for 84lbs 14oz, The Cupar AC had 34 for 90lbs 13oz and the Bank of Scotland C took 31 for 63lbs – best 8lbs 8oz. Mr. Morse from Glenrothes had 4 for 1lbs – best 7lbs 8oz and Mr. Brown, Glenrothes took 4 for 14lbs 8oz – best 8lb.