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Cortland Classic 444 Blue Intermediate Fly Lines

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Cortland’s 444 Classic Intermediate

In their bag of tricks, many savvy still water anglers prefer our 444 Classic Intermediate fly line to a floating line when fishing dry flies or emerges in the film during windy conditions. They like the way the thin diameter line slices through the wind and settles just below the surface waves to maintain a straight-line connection with the fly. Of course, with a precise specific gravity of 1.06, our neutral-density 444 Classic Intermediate is only a tad heavier than water and it sinks ever so slowly. Ideally used for fishing swimming nymphs and emerges over shallow, submerged weed beds. Sink Rate: 1.25 – 1.75 IPS


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Sharing the same tapers as the 444 Classic Peach lines Cortland Classic Intermediate lines are recognized as the ideal nymphing lines. The delicate tapers will turn over even the lightest fly with minimal disturbance when fishing the flat calm of an evening rise. The Blue Intermediate is probably the slowest sinking line available since it contains small amounts of flotation agent to slow down its descent



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