LRF Tactics for Flounder

Original posted on: Dogtooth Tuna Company – LRF Tactics for Flounder The same LRF tactics and strategies used for Rockfish and small predators such as Pike, Perch and Wrasse can be applied when going for flounder from the beach, pier or breakwater. Where there are fish, you can land some with solid LRF tactics. Being Read more about LRF Tactics for Flounder[…]

Kayak Fishing Tips for Beginners

Original post from: Dogtooth Tuna Company Fishing from a kayak is one of the fastest growing sectors in all of fishing’s pastime. It is a peaceful and fun sport that you can access for a low investment. Having no motor gives fishermen the ability to catch more f´╗┐ish and charting smaller regions. However, having less Read more about Kayak Fishing Tips for Beginners[…]

Recipe: BBQ Mackerel Over Bay – River Cottage

Original post from: Dogtooth Tuna Company When you BBQ mackerel that you have caught yourself can be the freshest meal and most rewarding feeling you can have. Its the primal combination of catching your food, grilling it over an open fire then eating it all in the same day. Add your garden (or other open Read more about Recipe: BBQ Mackerel Over Bay – River Cottage[…]

Lure Fishing – A Beginners Guide

Original post from: Dogtooth Tuna Company Lure fishing and Light Lure Fishing (LRF) is the activity or game to track, arouse and encourage the predatory urge in your prey to attack your lure. Many believe that baiting will tend to have a higher chance of hooking a fish, but I confidently believe that with the Read more about Lure Fishing – A Beginners Guide[…]